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Installation Instructions

Installation instructions for R425A/W-S and MCD425A/W-S ice machines

Form# 01069905R00
Revision Date: 9/1/14

Installation instructions - Sleep Cycle kit for top Mount applications

Form# 01478577R00
Revision Date: 3/1/22

Instructions for installing Maestro Plus P425, EP425A/W or CP425A/W ice machine module into Symphony FB, CT, CI dispensers

Form# 01033687R04
Revision Date: 9/1/17

Installation, Operation and Service

Operation, service and parts manual for models above service number 5022501

Form# 207654R01
Revision Date: 12/1/12

Installation, operation and service manual

Form# 01083237R03
Revision Date: 2/1/21

Installation manual

Form# 208799
Revision Date: 3/1/12


SDS sheet for SafeCLEAN powder

Revision Date: 10/22/14

SDS sheet for Nu-Calgon IMS-III sanitizer

Revision Date: 5/1/17

SDS sheet for SafeCLEAN Plus liquid

Revision Date: 1/10/14

SDS sheet for SafeCLEAN Plus powder

Revision Date: 10/22/13

Service Manual

Cleaning instructions for Maestro ice machines

Form# 2835
Revision Date: 2/1/13

Installation and parts manual

Form# 205448R06
Revision Date: 7/1/22

Seismic Information

Seismic anchorage for Maestro MCD400 on slope front 425 bin, slab floor

Form# 3130
Revision Date: 1/17/05


How to diagnose a low water error on Horizon and Horizon Elite ice machines

How to install a Micro Chewblet ice kit on a Horizon Elite ice machine

Meaning of indicator lights on Horizon Elite series PC board

How to disconnect/reconnect self-sealing liquid and suction fittings on Horizon Elite ice machines

How to clean Follett Horizon Elite 710, 1010, 1410, 1810 or 2110 series ice machine

How to complete the installation checklist for Horizon Elite ice machines

Technical Bulletin

Technical bulletin - Maestro lower bearing installation

Form# 008
Revision Date: 11/1/13

Technical Bulletin - Maestro control board update

Form# 007
Revision Date: 11/1/13

User Guide


Warranty information for Horizon Elite, Maestro Plus, Ice Manager, and Tempo ice machines

Revision Date: 9/1/19

Installation Guide