Frequently Asked Questions

Service and Maintenance

Who's the service agent for my Follett equipment?

Follett has over 300 Follett Authorized Warranty Service Agents across the country to service Follett equipment. Contact Follett's Technical Service department to find the name, address and phone number of the Follett Authorized Warranty Service Agent for your area, or use our Service Agent Locator.

How can I get service for my Follett equipment?

Please call Follett's technical service group at 877-612-5086 for any equipment still under warranty. We will arrange for whatever service is required. This allows us to follow up and ensure that the problem has been resolved to your satisfaction. For equipment no longer in warranty, we encourage you to use one of our Authorized Follett Service Agents to ensure that your equipment is serviced by someone qualified to work on Follett equipment. Contact Follett's Technical Service department to find the name, address and phone number of the Follett Authorized Warranty Service Agent in your area.Whether your equipment is still under warranty or not, Follett technical service reps are always willing to discuss your problem and answer questions about maintaining your equipment. Call them at 877-612-5086 or e-mail them at

How can I get a service manual for my equipment?

Follett ships detailed installation and service manuals with all its equipment. Copies of these manuals can also be downloaded from our Service Literature page or by contacting Follett at or 800-523-9361. There is no charge for these manuals.

What's the warranty on Follett equipment?

Follett equipment warranties are among the best in the industry. These warranties vary depending upon the type of equipment you have.  You can find full warranty statements by product grouping here.

How do I register my Follett equipment?

Go to Follett's online warranty registration form to register your equipment.

How do I get warranty parts for Follett equipment?

Because we want to know about any in-warranty problems with our equipment, we ask that you call Follett's technical service group at 877-612-5086 when you need parts for equipment still in warranty. This allows us to follow up and ensure that the problem has been resolved to your satisfaction. Parts orders received by 2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time are shipped the same day from our extensive parts inventory. All warranty parts are shipped UPS Next Day Air at Follett's expense. When requesting warranty parts, please have the model and service number of the equipment ready to give to our technical service rep.

How do I get parts for Follett equipment no longer in warranty?

If you know the number of the part you want (from the service manual shipped with your equipment and available in our library), you can get pricing and order the part directly from our parts web store.

If you don't know your part number, contact Follett's technical service group at 877-612-5086. In order to ensure the proper part selection, please have your model and service number available for our technical service reps. Parts orders received by 2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time are shipped the same day from our extensive parts inventory.

Where do I find the serial number for my equipment?

Follett uses a service number assigned during the production process to identify the model and its components. This service number is required for invoicing warranty work, ordering of warranty parts, and completion of installation inspection forms. Having the service number available when calling for technical assistance or ordering parts will help our technical service reps serve you better.

For Follett ice dispensers and ice machines
Depending on the model and age of the equipment, the service number plate may be located in one of several locations. If you aren't sure where to find the service number plate on your equipment, our chart tells you where to look for your plate.

For Follett ice storage equipment
Until 2000 Follett did not put serial number plates on its ice storage equipment. Older bins may have a paper label showing the model number only on the left side of the bin. Since 2000, all Follett ice storage equipment has a permanent service number plate on the left side of the bin front.

For Follett undercounter refrigerators and freezers
A permanent service number plate is located both on the inside left wall and the back of the refrigerator.

How and when should I clean Follett equipment?

Proper and timely cleaning of Follett equipment is important to supporting good sanitation practices. Remember that ice is food and you want to deliver the cleanest ice possible to your customers and staff. Additionally, a regular cleaning schedule will help ensure better performance and a longer equipment life.

Cleaning instructions for your specific model can be found in the Operating and Service Manual shipped with the equipment. All of our operating and service manuals are available for free download on our Service Literature page.

Service Training

How can I get training on Follett equipment?

Throughout the year, Follett conducts live online technical webinars led by Follett Technical Training staff Ernie Tarof, Dan Glimn, and Pete Balga. We encourage you to check our website for the schedule and to register.

You can also find our Service Video library and other informative web training tools by visiting the Technical Service page. If you need to speak with a technical specialist, please call us at (877) 612-5086.

Due to the concerns around COVID-19 (coronavirus) and out of concern for the health and safety of the attendees and our employees, Follett has suspended field training seminars. At this time, we expect to resume in the future, and we will publish the schedule on our website when our plans are completed.

How can I register for a Follett service seminar?

Check the webinar schedule and register online.


What is the shelf life of glycerine? Where do I find the expiration date?

The shelf life of glycerine is two years from the lot number date. The lot number date is a six digit code printed on the bottle. The first two digits represent the month, the next two digits represent the day, and the final two digits represent the year. For example, Lot GLY-052115 represents a lot number date of May 21, 2015, and the glycerine would expire on May 21, 2017.

When and why do I need a water filtration system?

Follett recommends the use of our water filter systems for all Follett ice machines. This system includes a pre-filter to remove large particles and a primary filter that removes chlorine, off-tastes and odors, and filters out asbestos fibers and parasitic cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. This ensures better tasting, cleaner and safer ice. The filter will also improve ice machine performance by reducing scale build-up and removing dirt and abrasive particles that can damage the internal workings of the ice machine. Follett's water filter system spec sheet provides more in-depth information about why and how to filter your water.

Customer Support

What is your equipment return policy?

Non-standard equipment cannot be returned. 

Follett equipment may be returned for credit under the following conditions:

  • The equipment is new and unused.
  • A return authorization number has been issued by customer service within 45 days after shipment.
  • Follett receives the equipment at the factory in Easton, PA within 30 days after issuance of the return authorization number.
  • The equipment is returned in Follett packaging.  If the packaging has been damaged or discarded, Follett will forward new packaging at the customer's expense.
  • Note:  Return freight charges are the responsibility of the customer.  If equipment is returned and is damaged because of improper packaging, Follett LLC will not be held responsible.

Credit will be issued when the equipment has been inspected by Follett and deemed suitable to be returned to stock. 

Note:  A 20% restocking charge will be deducted from the credit.  If the cost to return the product to stock exceeds the restocking fee, the actual cost will be deducted.