RIDE® Remote Ice Delivery

The out-of-the-way ice machine

Only Follett ice machines can automatically transport ice through a tube with RIDE technology – from up to 75 ft away. Unique RIDE technology ensures a reliable, hands-free supply of Chewblet® ice, no matter where the ice machine is located.

Safer, smarter ice management

RIDE can improve safety, sanitation, and aesthetics for your business

RIDE and Ice Manager
Automatic Ice Delivery

The ultimate in safe ice transport is Follett's RIDE remote ice delivery equipment. Why transport ice when Horizon Elite™ can do it for you automatically? Horizon series ice machines can deliver ice through a tube up to 75 ft away, and with Ice Manager™ diverter valve system, one Horizon series ice machine can fill two dispensers.

RIDE with beverage dispenser
Sanitary Ice

All Horizon Elite Chewblet ice machines can deliver ice from a remote location automatically. This eliminates the cross contamination that can come from human contact while manual transporting ice.

remove lid for easier cleaning
Easier Cleaning

Other ice machines can automatically deliver ice to a dispenser, too, but they must be stacked on top of the dispenser. This makes it very difficult to access the dispenser hopper for cleaning. With RIDE technology, the top of a hopper can be easily removed for access to the hopper for thorough cleaning. By not removing the ice machine, you can save up to $1000 annually.

ice machine and dispenser in fountain area
A Better Fountain Experience

Automatically fill your beverage dispenser with ice and avoid having the unsightly, noisy ice machine in your fountain area. Follett's Horizon Elite ice machines with our exclusive RIDE technology can automatically fill your dispenser from a remote location. It can be mounted in a back room or under a counter, providing your customer with a better experience in your fountain area.

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