Superior Sanitation

Producing products with superior sanitation has been our focus for over 70 years. Each new product, each reinvention, and each improvement has been the result of working towards providing optimal health and sanitary benefits, while making your life easier with simple cleaning and maintenance.

We know ice and water are essential to your business and we strive to provide what your business needs. Now, more than ever, we remain dedicated to bringing you the most sanitary solutions.

Horizon Elite ice machine
Ice Machines

Industry-exclusive Remote Ice Delivery Equipment (RIDE) eliminates employee contact with ice as it is delivered to dispense points up to 75’ away. Provides full access to dispenser for cleaning without having to remove a heavy ice machine. A sealed evaporator prevents growth of biofilm and other microbials.

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Symphony Plus ice and water dispenser
Ice and Water Dispensers

Follett ice and water dispensers deliver customer-preferred, Chewblet® ice with industry-exclusive sanitary features. Our SensorSAFE "touchless" dispensing technology increases sanitation with no-contact dispensing and reduces the possibility of cross-contamination.

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Ice DevIce bin with cart
Ice Storage and Transport Bins

The industry’s widest selection of gravity dispensing bins. Eliminates scooping for cleaner, safer ice and reduces potential contamination during ice transport.

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