Infinity Series refrigerator with shelves
Infinity Series refrigerator with baskets
Infinity Series refrigerator with drawers

Infinity Series Full Size Single Door Variable Speed Refrigerator - 12.0 cu ft. capacity


Follett's Infinity Series™ refrigerators feature a patented “infinite” variable speed control technology which delivers the precise amount of refrigeration needed for optimal temperature performance, and reduces noise and energy consumption without sacrificing the precise temperature uniformity, recovery and stability needed to protect the efficacy of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and other valuable products. Infinity Series refrigerators have been tested and certified to NSF/ANSI 456 which defines temperature performance attributes and testing protocols for safe vaccine storage. For added protection, the touchscreen user interface features a full suite of user-programmable alarms, and refrigerators can be equipped with a network interface card allowing you to stream temperature data to the cloud via Wi-Fi for remote monitoring. Infinity Series refrigerators also feature Follett's industry-exclusive plenum air distribution system that delivers cold air at five different levels to ensure quick recovery after door openings and consistent and precise temperature throughout the storage cabinet.

Designed for long-term reliability and convenience, Infinity Series refrigerators' flexible storage system can be configured to meet changing needs. Choose from shelves, baskets, drawers or any combination of these interchangeable options that best meets your storage requirements. 

Product Details

Height: 72.00" (182.9 cm)

Width: 23.75" (60.3 cm)

Depth: 26.60" (67.6 cm)

Nominal Capacity: 12 cu ft (340 L)


Specification Sheet

Specifications for Infinity Series variable speed upright refrigerators

Form# 1027
Revision Date: 3/19/24

Follett refrigerators custom designed for the Omnicell® XT FlexLock Refrigerator Lock and Temperature Monitor

Form# 8970
Revision Date: 4/15/24

Options and accessories for single and double door upright refrigerators and freezers

Form# 8665
Revision Date: 2/1/24


Integral Wi-Fi remote monitoring for Follett refrigerators

Form# 8965
Revision Date: 8/1/23

Price List

Technical Documentation and Videos

Installation Guide

Installation guide for Infinity Series REF12i - 4S, 5B, 5D

Revision Date: 9/1/23

Replacement CRS
Item# 01548791 Replacement CRS (Complete Refrigeration System) module

Storage Options
Item# 01059484 Shelf kit (includes 1 shelf and 4 screws)
Item# 01543925 Basket kit (includes 1 basket, 8 rollers, 4 screws and nuts and 2 slides)
Item# 01543933 Drawer kit (includes 1 drawer, 8 rollers, 4 screws and nuts and 2 slides)

Monitoring and Alarms
Item# 01528512 VFC-compliant display data logger with Wi-Fi and Ethernet capability
Item# 01528538 VFC-compliant touchscreen data logger with Power Over Ethernet and Wi-Fi capability
Item# 01539691 Ambient temperature and humidity sensor, right angle
Item# 01540640 Replacement "quick-connect" RTD probe with certificate of NIST-traceable calibration

Medication Dispensing Brackets
Item# 00927202 Pyxis-compatible door bracket
Item# 00966432 Omnicell-compatible door bracket
Item# 00978296 medDISPENSE-compatible door bracket

Item# 00959296 Glycerine, 16 oz

Mounting Options
Item# 01543883 Seismic bracket

Extended Warranties
Item# EW12 Optional extended one year warranty on parts and labor only
Item# EW36 Optional extended three year warranty on parts and labor only

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