Follett Refrigerator Quick Ship Program

Quick delivery

As the vaccine rollout accelerates, the demand for reliable vaccine refrigerators increases. Follett’s “Quick Ship” program offers a selection of 20 and 25 cubic foot refrigerators for immediate shipment from both our Pennsylvania and California facilities.

Available Inventory

Although inventory levels may vary from week to week, choose from our stocked inventory of models:

- REF20-LB-R0000G
- REF20-PH-R0000G
- REF25-LB-R0000G
- REF25-PH-R0000G

Next day shipment

Orders submitted and processed by noon EST can ship the next business day. Just be sure to include “quick ship” in the subject line of your email or advise your sales or customer service representative of your immediate need.

Make every dose count

Follett refrigerators are distinctive in maintaining precise temperature control, providing the highest safeguards for vaccines, medications and more.