COVID-19 -- We're Here to Help

At Follett, our hearts go out to all those impacted by COVID-19—not only those diagnosed with the virus, but their friends, family, and those at the forefront of the battle in our healthcare facilities. Our focus is, as always, on protecting the health and safety of all patients.

As the battle against this virus ramps up, we know that testing for COVID-19 is one of the strongest weapons to understand and limit its spread. We also understand that maintaining patient samples either frozen or at 2-8°C is critical to obtaining accurate test results.

We want you to know that Follett is here to support your testing programs with medical-grade refrigerators that are engineered to maintain the precise temperature control you need. All of our products are designed with forced-air refrigeration to deliver consistent cabinet-wide temperatures and quick recovery, even in heavy use conditions with multiple door openings.

In order to be prepared to support the ramp up in testing, we are increasing production of our refrigerators to the extent possible and we will be developing streamlined administrative procedures to process and ship as quickly as possible.

We understand that these are trying times and we stand committed to support the healthcare community to the very best of our ability. Please reach out to us at 800-523-9361 or if we can help in any way.