Sport and Recreation Venues

Ice DevIce with two carts
Move ice faster and more safely

Follett's gravity dispense ice storage and transport systems are 15-20 times faster than scooping

  • Gravity replaces the difficult and time consuming process of scooping ice from a bin
  • Dispensing directly into carts reduces the spillage that comes from scooping into buckets
  • The included carts move larger quantities of ice from one location to another faster than carrying buckets


TDS comparison chart
Superior performance in all water conditions

Cost of scale in hard water

  • In high TDS water, machines need to be descaled far more frequently, costing as much as $200 per visit
  • Reverse osmosis is an expensive alternative to frequent descaling
  • Neglecting descaling can significantly shorten equipment life

How does Horizon Elite remove TDS?

  • The incoming water at the front of the evaporator forces high TDS water to the reservoir at the back of the machine where it's expelled in small volume flushes
  • The result is high quality ice with a fraction of the water that cube ice machines use.

See how it works

Vision ice and beverage dispenser
Create an upscale beverage station

Go with a low profile Vision™ undercounter dispenser instead of an obtrusive countertop model

  • Keeps sight lines open in island applications
  • The sleek, attractive appearance improves the looks of any fountain area

Use RIDE remote ice delivery equipment to fill your countertop dispenser

  • A Horizon Elite ice machine with RIDE can fill beverage dispensers up to 75 ft away
  • Mount the ice machine in a back room or under a counter and remove the heat and noise from your dining area
Horizon Elite with RIDE
Improve fountain sanitation

Easier cleaning

  • Horizon Elite takes less than half the time to clean as other ice machines
  • Just add cleaning and sanitizing solution and Horizon Elite automatically cleans, flushes, and returns to service

RIDE® remote ice delivery equipment means sanitary ice

  • When the ice is automatically delivered to the dispenser, contamination by human contact is avoided
  • Without an ice machine on top, the dispenser hopper can be easily accessed for thorough cleaning
Symphony Plus at coffee bar
Eliminate cross contamination

Symphony Plus™ countertop Chewblet ice dispenser can replace ice machines with open bins for small volume ice needs

  • A perfect solution for iced coffee bars, where the demand for iced coffee is year-round
  • Lever or SensorSAFE™ ice dispensing prevents the risk of cross contamination from manual ice scooping
  • SensorSAFE's infrared sensing further reduces the chance of cross contamination by eliminating container to dispenser contact
woman dispensing ice into cart
Bins that promote ice sanitation
  • Upright ice storage bins provide first-in-first-out ice management for fresh ice every time
  • ITS and Ice DevIce™ with gravity dispensing dramatically reduce the chance of human contact with ice by eliminating the need to scoop and carry it
  • Operators can easily dispense up to 125 lbs of ice in seconds into SmartCART™ ice carts and totes, using less labor to get ice where you need it
  • Dedicated totes and carts that aren't used for other purposes in your facility can be easily filled and wheeled to their destination
beverages with Chewblet ice
Give your customers Chewblet ice
  • Over 70% of consumers prefer Chewblet® ice
  • 30% of customers will buy more fountain drinks with Chewblet ice
  • Chewblet nugget ice is higher in quality than other nugget ice and more reliably dispensed
ice pro with bagger
Save money on bagged ice

Follett Ice Pro is the easy method to stocking your ice kiosks

  • More control and flexibility to stock based on demand
  • Don’t get caught with too little or too much ice by relying on a third-party vendor
  • Quickly and easily bags ice for less than 25 cents per bag
  • Fill 6-8 bags per minute for high volume production
  • With automatic bag opening and timed dispensing, the ice practically bags itself
Ice DevIce and upright bin
Large capacity storage for peak demand
  • Ice storage bins in capacities from 500 lbs  to 4600 lbs
  • A variety of bin heights and widths to pack all the ice you need into almost any site
  • Bag ice for transport or wheel it to its destination in a handy cart
  •  Follett’s SmartGATE™ dispense mechanism helps you meter out the right amount of ice every time
  • Gravity dispense bins dispense ice directly into carts or bags without having to scoop