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Full size laboratory freezer, manual defrost - 24.4 cu ft capacity
Full size laboratory freezer, manual defrost - door open

Full Size -30 C Upright Laboratory Freezer, manual defrost - 24.4 cu ft capacity


PHCbi brand High Performance Biomedical Freezers are designed for short- or intermediate-term storage at temperatures as low as -30 C. Constructed with high performance laboratory and clinical grade refrigeration systems, these freezers are used in medical, biotechnology and industrial labs for storage of blood components, enzymes, culture media, reagents, specimens and vaccines.

The FZRMD24 -30 C upright, high-performance medical freezer was designed with the features to give superior uniformity, microprocessor control and large storage capacity. Two access ports, casters, remote alarm contacts and security features are included as standard features.

Product Details

Height: 77.0" (195.5 cm)
Width:  30.3" (77.0 cm)
Depth: 32.7" (83.0 cm)
Capacity:  24.4 cu ft (690 L)


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Specifications for FZRMD24 biomedical freezer

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