Superior performance in all water conditions

Impact of poor water quality

All machines: high dissolved mineral content results in scale buildup that causes

  • Increased need for costly cleaning and descaling of the evaporator
  • Decreased production as mineral deposits reduce the efficiency of ice making
  • Premature failure of components
  • Greater potential for drain clogs
  • Overall reduction in equipment life

Nugget machines: high levels of TDS can

  • Result in softer ice which increases the potential of jamming in beverage dispensers
  • Increase the melt rate of ice

Cube machines:

  • Attempt to mitigate scale by increasing purge rate, which can consume more than twice as much water and increase electrical costs

Cost of scale in hard water

  • Machines that flush excess water drive up costs and negatively impact the environment
  • In scale-prone, high TDS water, machines need to be descaled far more frequently, sometimes as often as every month or two, costing as much as $200 per visit
  • An alternative to frequent descaling is to treat the incoming water to remove minerals. Reverse osmosis, a common technique to deal with hard water, can be expensive ($1000 upfront, $200 in annual consumables) and can triple water usage
  • Finally, neglecting descaling can significantly shorten equipment life, leading to thousands of dollars of premature re-investment in parts and equipment

Solution: How does Horizon Elite remove TDS?

The incoming water introduced at the front end of the evaporator forces the high TDS water that has been created in the ice making process to move to the reservoir at the back of the machine. The mineral-laden water is then expelled in small volume flushes. The result is high quality ice with a fraction of the water that cube ice machines use.

See how it works (video)

Horizon Elite removes 85% of TDS

  • Cube-like ice quality for improved dispensability to eliminate jammed dispensers 
  • Substantially less frequent descaling
  • Reduced loads on parts for increased reliability
  • Longer equipment life
  • Reduced need for expensive TDS removal systems

chart showing TDS in ice - competitor versus Horizon Elite

Efficient design

  • Already meets the mandatory 2018 DOE standard for sale of any ice machine after January 2018
  • Saves 35% more water than typical cube ice machines at factory settings
  • Consumes 50% less water than typical cube ice machines in high TDS applications
  • Uses high-efficient aluminum bronze in the evaporator (twice as conductive as stainless steel)
  • Doesn't need to reverse the refrigeration cycle and add heat to harvest ice