Provide Fresh Filtered Water PLUS Ice In Your Break Room

Water is an important beverage for employee refreshment

Good hydration is associated with reduced fatigue, higher mental acuity, improved productivity and better overall health. When you add ice, it makes for a more appealing beverage. Plus, your employees appreciate ice for other beverages as well. Use Follett's Symphony Plus in your break room to improve your workplace environment.

In addition to the benefits to your employees, consider these other benefits

  • Symphony Plus dispensers filter water already delivered through public distribution at a fraction of the cost of bottled water
  • Go from dollars a gallon to pennies a gallon
  • Avoid repetitive invoicing costs
  • Free up valuable space that is now used to store bottles

Reduce Plastic Bottle Waste

Every day, 71,000,000 plastic bottles are thrown away; 65% of them end up in landfills. With Symphony Plus dispensers and reusable cups or bottles, one dispenser could replace thousands of plastic bottles.

In addition to reducing waste, use of Symphony Plus dispensers saves the energy required to

  • make plastic bottles
  • transport bottles to the water distributor
  • transport bottles to offices
  • transport bottles to landfill or recycling centers

All of this contributes to reducing the environmental impact of providing water to your employees.