Move Ice Faster and More Safely

How much time do your employees spend moving ice to salad bars, catered events or long distances for a large scale event? Choose the storage and transport method that's 15-20 times faster than scooping — Follett's line of gravity dispense ice storage and transport systems, Ice•DevIce™ and ITS.

Ice DevIce

Choose the storage and dispense methods that are 7-15 times faster than using a scoop to dispense ice from a bin - Follett's Ice•DevIce and ITS ice storage and transport bins. First, let gravity replace the difficult and time consuming process of using a scoop to remove ice from a bin. Then, use the included carts to move larger quantities of ice from one location to another faster than carrying buckets.

With Ice•DevIce, gravity dispense cube and Chewblet nugget ice out of the bin and into a SmartCART 75 cart, which includes 3 Totes containers (each can hold 25 lb of ice). Open the SmartGATE door to allow the ice to flow down the clear chute and directly into the Tote and close the door to stop the flow of ice.

Ice DevIce

ITS Ice storage and transport system

Follett's gravity dispense bins are the safest way to transport large quantities of ice. Reduce the spillage that comes from scooping into buckets by the gravity dispense ITS into a large cart. Make your locations safer for employees and customers.

While ITS is best for the highest volume applications, your Follett sales representative will be glad to help you determine which model is right. For your salad bars, ice and beverage dispensers, or any other location where ice is needed, get it there quicker, easier and safer with Follett's gravity dispense ice storage and transport system.

Ice storage and transport system