Large Capacity Storage For Peak Demand Periods

When your event calls for a lot of ice at one time, Follett can meet your needs

Follett’s line of upright ice storage bins come in capacities ranging from 500 lb all the way up to 4600 lb With a variety of bin heights and widths, you can pack all the ice you need into almost any site. Whether you are bagging ice for transport, or wheeling it to its destination in a handy cart, Follett has the tools to help you manage a safer, faster, and more sanitary method. 

With Follett’s line of upright bins, you don’t have to lean all the way in to scoop out the ice left in the bottom like you would a slope front bin. Follett’s SmartGATE™ allows you to meter the right amount of ice out every time. When you need high quantities of ice in a short amount of time, look for Follett to give you the capacity you need.