New Parts Webstore and Shipment Tracking Center

Follett's launched its new parts webstore and shipment tracking center on March 9, 2021. The new site makes it easier to find parts for all Follett products and faster to generate quotes and place orders. Customers with webstore accounts can create favorites for future re-purchasing, upload parts requests from spreadsheets, and track the status of parts and equipment orders. The site accepts purchase orders for existing customers and valid credit cards for all customers.

Customers who create a webstore account will automatically receive their net pricing, and will also receive an additional 3% discount on orders placed online. Customers are not required to create an account to use the webstore, however, they will receive 25% off list prices. A username and password is still required to complete the transaction, but this does not establish a permanent customer account and does not apply any net pricing or discount.

To visit the webstore click the Parts link in our website. Customers with accounts for the previous webstore can use their existing username and password. New users can click Request A Webstore account on the login page to establish an account.