Follett Upright Refrigerators Receive NSF456 Certification for Vaccine Storage

Follett is pleased to announce that its high-performance 20 and 25 cu ft refrigerators have been certified to the new NSF 456 standard for vaccine storage.  

This new voluntary standard, NSF/ANSI 456, was recently released to define construction and performance standards for vaccine storage refrigerators and freezers to ensure the safety and efficacy of each vaccine dose.  The standard was developed by the NSF/ANSI Joint Committee on Vaccine Storage, a team consisting of representatives from the CDC, NIST, healthcare providers, vaccine suppliers and equipment manufacturers.

As an active participant with the committee, Follett performed ongoing testing against the protocols of the developing standard and established that its entire product line will meet this robust standard.  Third-party testing has already certified our 20 and 25 cubic foot refrigerators to the new standard, with the balance of the portfolio to complete third-party verification over the coming months.

Follett medical-grade refrigerators and freezers are purpose-built to meet the demanding needs of the healthcare environment and are designed to deliver precise temperature control both in storage cabinet uniformity and quick recovery after door openings.  As a leader in healthcare refrigeration, these certifications demonstrate Follett’s continued commitment to health, safety, and well-being in the healthcare environment.

NSF is a registered trademark of the National Sanitation Foundation
ANSI is a registered trademark of the American National Standards Institute