Expanded Horizon Elite Series ice machine line

Follett LLC is excited to announce the launch of the full line of the award-winning Horizon Elite™ Chewblet® ice machines. The Horizon Elite ice machines have a patented scale-inhibiting design that offers foodservice operators a low cost of ownership and superior performance even in the most challenging water conditions. Horizon Elite’s design dramatically reduces scale buildup in ice machines and the associated costs of scale mitigation, all while using 35-50% less water than comparable cube-type ice machines.

Horizon Elite 710 is the upgrade to the Horizon 700. The 710 provides a simple choice for applications with medium ice demand. Available in 115V/60Hz air-cooled models. 

Horizon Elite 1010 and 1410 were the first Elite model releases. Winner of the 2016 Kitchen Innovations Award and runner-up for the FCSI Product Showcase Award. Available in air and water-cooled self-contained and remote single and three phase models.

Horizon Elite 1810 is the upgrade to the Horizon 1650. Follett’s most popular production size joins the Elite family with added production. Available in single and three phase remote condensing models.

Horizon Elite 2110 is the highest capacity Chewblet ice machine ever manufactured, increasing the amount of ice production to over 2000 pounds per day! Available in single and three phase remote condensing models.