7 Series Undercounter 125 lb dispensers


Available in both standard counter height and ADA height versions, the 7 Series undercounter models can easily replace open bin undercounter ice machines that require scooping by hand. These models produce up to 125 lbs of consumer-preferred Chewblet® ice per day, while holding 7 lbs of ice in storage, ideal for work groups up to 50 people.

Other key features include sanitary, capacitive touch dispensing, and a unique drainless design that refreezes melt water from the storage hopper, allowing these models to be installed virtually anywhere there is water and electricity available.

Intended for commercial use only. Follett can't guarantee freight carrier's ability to deliver to residential locations. Follett service providers may not be bonded to perform on-site warranty repairs in certain areas.

Product Details

Height: standard 33.50" (85.1 cm) / ADA - 31.50" (80.0 cm)

Width: 14.62" (37.1 cm)

Depth: 22.12" (56.2 cm)

Storage Capacity: 7 lbs (3.2 kg)

Daily Production: 125 lbs (56.7 kg)

Other: Drainless

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Specification Sheet

Extends the life of ice machines and improves efficiency

Form# 8295
Revision Date: 2/1/20

IMS-III sanitizing concentrate for use with all Follett ice machines and ice and water dispensers

Form# 8305
Revision Date: 2/1/20


Follett's full line product brochure for foodservice applications

Form# 8300
Revision Date: 9/1/22

Follett's full line product brochure for foodservice applications (Spanish)

Form# 8300_SPA
Revision Date: 9/1/22

Price List

Prices in USD. Effective April 1, 2024. Revised June 7, 2024.

Form# 4025
Revision Date: 6/7/24
Technical Documentation and Videos

Installation Guide

Installation, Operation and Service

Installation, operation and service manual for models above serial number K46456

Form# 00966879R21
Revision Date: 11/1/22

Installation, operation and service manual for models with serial numbers K39469 to K46456

Form# 00966879R11
Revision Date: 6/1/18

Installation Instructions

Instructions for Water Solenoid Kit p/n 00957704 to replace the water solenoid on 7 Series or 15 Series dispenser

Form# 01383603R00
Revision Date: 11/1/20

Installation instructions

Form# 00978213
Revision Date: 9/1/14

Instructions for Water Option Kit p/n 00957944 to add the water dispense feature to 7 Series or 15 Series dispenser

Form# 00957696R01
Revision Date: 11/1/20

Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning and sanitizing procedure for 7 Series and 15 Series ice and water dispensers

Form# 01042696
Revision Date: 3/1/17


SDS sheet for SafeCLEAN Plus liquid

Revision Date: 1/10/14

SDS sheet for SafeCLEAN Plus powder

Revision Date: 10/22/13

SDS sheet for SafeCLEAN powder

Revision Date: 10/22/14

SDS sheet for Nu-Calgon IMS-III sanitizer

Revision Date: 5/1/17


Follett service video series - ice storage bin removal

Follett service video series - shaft seal replacement and bushing housing replacement

Follett service video series - 7 and 15 Series ice and water dispenser reassembly

Follett 7 and 15 Series Ice and Water Dispensers - Cleaning and Sanitizing. If you are putting a machine back into service after a period of non-use, it needs to be cleaned and sanitized. Prior to this, there are 5 things to inspect on the machine - the Evaporator, Water Reservoir, Drain & Feed tube, Ice Hopper and Condenser. If biofilm or scale is found in the first four of these additional cleaning will be required. Please see the other Follett Service Videos for additional instruction.


Warranty information for end users within United States and Canada

Revision Date: 9/1/19

Item# 00968107 Replacement cartridges for 7 and 15 Series
Item# 00956375 Drip tray drain kit for 7 Series undercounter models
Item# 00979674 Nu-Calgon IMS-III sanitizer, single 16 oz bottle
Item# 01038652 Nu-Calgon IMS-III sanitizer, case of 12 x 16 oz bottles
Item# 01147826 SafeCLEAN Plus, liquid, 1 x 8 oz bottles
Item# 01149954 SafeCLEAN Plus, liquid, 6 x 8 oz bottles
Item# 01149962 SafeCLEAN Plus, liquid, carton of 24 x 8 oz bottles
Item# 00986059 Claris hardness removal filtration system
Item# 00985127 Replacement filter for Claris system
Item# 00960732 Extended 3rd year warranty/unit

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