Bacterial-Retentive Filter System


Bacterial-retentive filter system reduces the risk of pathogens that may be present in influent water. System includes a 0.2 micron double layer sterilizing-grade disposable filter capsule and a 1 micron absolute rated pre-filter, and has been validated according to industry standards to provide a microbiological barrier for up to six months. Produces cost effective, high purity effluent for ice and water dispensers.

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Product Details

Kleenpak® 0.2 micron double layer sterilizing-grade disposable filter capsule

Profile II® 1 micron absolute rated pre-filter cartridge


Specification Sheet

Specifications for Follett's bacterial-retentive water filter system for ice and water dispensers

Form# 8320
Revision Date: 1/1/22


Pall® Kleenpak water filter with 0.2µm double layer sterilizing-grade media for use with ice machines and ice and water dispensers in healthcare settings

Form# 8270
Revision Date: 10/1/19

Price List

Filtration systems and filters, cleaning and sanitation supplies, and Agion grilles. Prices in US dollar. Prices effective April 4, 2022, revised March 17, 2022.

Form# 6430
Revision Date: 3/17/22

Prices in USD. Effective April 4, 2022. Revised May 10, 2022.

Form# 2155
Revision Date: 5/10/22


Bacterial-retentive filter system flow through filter demonstration


Filter system
Item# 01233659 Bacterial-retentive filter system assembly

Replacement cartridges
Item# 01244615 Replacement filters for bacterial-retentive filter system

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